Intelligent Text Marketing & Customer Service

Android Powered Text Messaging for Businesses and Entrepreneurs

Grow Your Business Through Mobile Messaging
  • Lowest Cost Text Marketing
  • Upload Existing Customer Lists
  • Answers Texts For You!
  • Unlimited Contacts & Groups
  • Removes Land Lines
  • Automates Customer Service

Messages Will Get Read

99% of Texts are read, and 90% of those are read within 90 seconds. Texting is the most personal and effective channel available to engage your customers.

Mobile Is NOW!

Your customers keep their cell phone with them 16 hours a day and look at their phone on average 150 times per day. The mobile wave is already here.

Instant Results

Create demand on a whim with the power of Mobile Messaging. Drive revenue during slow times or move specific products with the simple push of a button.

No App Needed

You don’t have to have your customers download and learn a new app, they know and use texting everyday! And you can push your texts to social feeds, too.

Why Texting Works

The Stats Don’t Lie

An estimated 70 million consumers in the U.S. will use smartphone coupons in 2015 and mobile ads are 10X more likely to be redeemed than print coupons.

The Message Matters

Because texting is so personal, the messages you send have a huge impact. Create raving fans by offering something of value to your customers, whether it’s a BOGO, VIP treatment or a heart felt thanks, make it meaningful, not spam.

Learn the Features of BizTexter

We promise that if you take the time to learn and use the powerful features found in BizTexter, you will generate more sales and revenue.  Automatic Replies to customer texts, Unlimited Keywords, Drip Campaigns, Landline Scrubbing and more, BizTexter has the features you need to succeed.



Total Flexibility

BizTexter lets you have as many contacts, groups, keywords and auto replies as you need. No Limits or per contact fee.

Two Way Texting

The Auto Reply system answers customers texts for you. This automates customer service and saves you time and money.

Best Pricing Anywhere!

We make business texting simple, easy and cost effective. Monthly subscriptions start at $9.95 and one time blocks start at $4.99.

Responsive Marketing

BizText remembers when your customers ask questions and groups them for later, so you can market with impact. 

You Own The List

You own all of the data with no barriers or huge markups to communicate with your customers.

Other Features

Other great features include automatic opt-in/opt-out handling, email to SMS relay that allows you to convert a web form or lead to text messaging, land line numbers removal and more!


Monthly Plans
  • Monthly plans renew every 30 days
  • Equal amount of landline scrub credits
Rollover Blocks
  • Credits stay on your account until used
  • Use as text credits or landline scrub credits
Web Texting
  • No Android hardware needed
  • Manage Business Texter from the Web


Frequently Asked Questions

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Getting Started
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About Us


Why We Do What We Do

Consumers expect the ability to text any business and get an instant, intelligent answer. Our goal is to put powerful text marketing software with big enterprise features in the hands of every business and organization. We are driven to create the most valuable features into one powerful package and and provide the lowest cost solution for text marketing and customer service.

Service From The Get Go

We’re not just a bunch of developers hiding behind the internet. We’re an entrepreneurial team that thrives on helping you grow your business. We’ll call and follow up after you download the app. We want to make sure that everything is working and to answer any questions you have and to get your feedback.

Contact Us

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Our office hours are 8am-5pm Monday-Friday (Pacific time zone).
Text or call 509-944-5627, or email us below. We try to reply quickly and are normally available after hours and on weekends as well.

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  • La Tosha Phillips

    Business Owner
    Great app, works great, easy to use and great tool to get out the message to your customers.
  • Richard Rena

    Amazing app! This app has made my life so much easier and saves me a tremendous amount of time. I got a call from their customer support to make sure I was familiar with their service and if I had any questions. It is amazing to know they are there to help their customer and to make sure you are completely satisfied. 19 star if I could.
  • Matt Leandro

    Nothing Else Like it! Awesome! This is the ultimate app if you own a business and need to text blast 100 to 10000 people. I send out 6500+ per blast. There’s nothing else like it. I looked everywhere… especially not for the price. And the auto responders are just an answer to my prayers. These guys are the real deal. Don’t waste your time searching and being disappointed with the competition. Get it now!


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